Victoria District Masons Donation


Freemasonry is the oldest and largest worldwide fraternity dedicated to the Brotherhood of Man.  It is not a religion. However, it encourages loyalty to one’s own religious beliefs, family, country and community.

Every year, the Freemasons of Victoria District work very hard to raise money to help provide relief to those within their communities through various initiatives; from individual Lodge donations to all Lodges supporting their annual District Charity as chosen by their District Deputy Grand Master.  Darren Byrne, District Deputy Grand Master of Victoria District for the 2012-2013 year chose "A Place Called Home" as the District Charity and received overwhelming support from the Brethren of his District.

The monies for the District Charity were raised through individual and Lodge contributions, a District Motorcycle Rally, a District Lottery Draw and a contribution made by the Masonic Foundation of Ontario.  On Wednesday, October 2, 2013, Darren Byrne and Douglas Scott proudly presented a cheque for $19,450.00 to A Place Called Home on behalf of all the Freemasons of Victoria District.  What an outstanding achievement!

A Place Called Home is a charitable, non-profit organization that has been providing shelter and 24/7 support services to the homeless in our communities (and those at risk of becoming homeless) for more than 19 years. They operate a 19 bed shelter for youth, adults, couples and families who have found themselves with no safe place to go at the end of their day.


Pictured (left to right) are:  Lorrie Polito, Rev. Paul Reed (Representatives from A Place Called Home), Darren Byrne (District Deputy Grand Master of Victoria District 2012-2013), and Douglas Scott (District Secretary of Victoria District 2012-2013).